Is this real life? A mom! Me?

My biggest kept secret is finally out of the bag and it’s definitely bittersweet! I am so excited to tell you all that Baby Mallozzi is in full effect!

Why bittersweet?

There are a few reasons, so here it goes…

For starters, my little peanut started out as a secret for Mommy and Daddy to cherish. Baby M, you’ve been ours and only ours for a few months and we can’t wait for your arrival. We already love you SO much and we’ve waited for this day for years and years!

Eventually, our family was able to share our secret with us and we had such a fun time surprising each person! Video coming soon!

It’s bittersweet telling the world because it’s no longer our secret and in some ways, I feel like I have to share my little peanut with the world! I’m feeling all sorts of emotions and although I say it’s bittersweet telling you all, I am really jumping for joy because now I can get back to posting on social media without any worries!

Plus, I have so much fun content that I’ve prepared for you all and I’ve been dying to post it!

Another reason for bittersweet is how mine and Brent’s life is about to change- for the better- FOREVER! Seven years of pure bliss, our life will no longer be just the two of us. Gosh, these seven years have really flown by!

Brent and I are nearly approaching 30 and I swear, the older you are, the harder it is to have kids! You’re so set in your own ways. You can leave when you want. Do what you want. You can be as selfish as you want. Shop as much as you want (Brent!!). You get the point!

We’ve traveled tons, bought a house, dated long enough to really see if we were a good match, got married and each have successful careers.We both graduated from college- GO BRONCOS! By the way, we met in class at Cal Poly Pomona 10 years ago! HOLY SHIZ!

We have pretty much done everything we wanted to do before having kids- minus going to Africa, but that’s still on our bucket list! One day!!!

Most importantly we have always supported each other, encouraged each other, grew together and we share the same life long goals!

From a young age, Brent and I separately always knew we wanted to be parents and the day is finally here!

Baby M, you’re SO loved by all, but mostly by your Mommy & Daddy!

Who is excited?!?!?





  1. So excited for y’all Sierra and Brent and I honestly can say that I’m shocked and so happy for y’all.Its hard to believe y’all are gonna have a precious beautiful/handsome baby cherish every moment.Last year I became and aunt to my beautiful niece miracle and I just love her so much and I even talk about how much I love her when I’m in school and to my friends.Trust me Sierra and Brent when y’all a precious baby comes y’all are gonna love him/her so much that you don’t want to give him/her to a babysitter trust me my sister had my little niece and I tried to convince her that I could be her babysitter and she told me no off the bat. Just know I’m so excited and happy for y’all both congratulations lots of love from -Elizabeth


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