Becoming a Green Thumb

Did you know that having real plants in your house helps the air quality by 5x?!

Welcome back my friends!

So, I’m 30 weeks pregnant and all of the sudden I want to add more stress to my life and add real plants in my house. Just kidding! It’s not stressful, but it sounded cool!

Let’s rewind a bit. My mom is a natural green thumb and me on the other hand… I have managed to kill a lucky bamboo tree that apparently never dies. Although, this was a few years back, I can’t help but be terrified of introducing new plants into my home.

I love real plants, but I just don’t want them to die on my watch- the worst is throwing it away!

Why am I deciding to become a green thumb all of the sudden? I asked myself that too- don’t worry!

So here it goes.

Recently my husband said, “I want plants in our home to liven it up!”

Perfect! Went to Homegoods the next day and spent $500 on faux plants. Who knew they would be expensive? At this point, I didn’t care only because we put a little bit of money aside to finish decorating our home before Baby Mallozzi arrives!

This is the exact photo Brent sent me and wanted me to recreate.

IMG_0797I was totally in the Homegoods store moving plants around just to send photos to Brent and to make sure he would like them! He thought they were all AMAZING! Clearly, I know my honey boo child!

I also knew they were going to be amazing because when I was staging the plants in the store, two separate people were trying to snag them while I was on the phone with Brent. NOT TODAY PEOPLE! I’m for hire though! Dolla makes me Holla!

Here are a few faux trees that I bought! Unfortunately, they didn’t have the tall Ficus Fiddle-leaf Fig tree Brent wanted, but nothing I couldn’t find on the internet to buy.



It’s pouring rain and I have 6 faux plants in my SUV. Brent unloaded and I directed him where to put the plants.

Two plants went in the living room to recreate Brent’s Pinterest find, one went near the front door, one went outside on the porch and 2 miscellaneous plants were placed upstairs in our loft.

Everything looked amazing in the house and now onto finding a faux Ficus Fiddle-leaf Fig tree! Whoever named this tree, must like to talk because it’s the longest name for a plant known to history. SERIOUSLY?!

I found a cutest faux tree on Pier One’s website, but it’s no longer available. I also found a nice tree on Target’s website.

As I was researching to find the best faux FFF tree, I learned how beneficial it is to have real plants in the house because they remove chemical toxins from the air, have been known to catch and digest any mold species, humidify/ purify the air and they make you happy!

I did however read somewhere that it takes 6 plants per person for it to be 100% effective- but, 1-3 plants will have to suffice for now!

We started out with getting plants that the internet and Home Depot employees say that it’s nearly impossible to kill! So we ended up choosing the Ficus Fiddle-Leaf Fig tree, snake plant and some succulents.


FFF Tree
-Improves air quality
-Helps eliminate chemicals and dust
-Needs moderate sunlight (which is fine because we have it near the living room window)
-Only needs water every 7-10 days  (when the soil looks dry)

Snake Plant
-Improves air quality
-Releases oxygen (great for bedrooms)
-Needs little to no sunlight
-Eliminates 4 out of 5 major indoor contaminants
-Only needs water every 7-10 days  (when the soil looks dry)

-Improves air quality
-Reduces carbon dioxide
-Helps eliminate chemicals/ toxins
-Increases oxygen levels in the air
-Needs little to no sunlight
-Only needs water every 7-10 days  (when the soil looks dry)

I decided to name my plants Phoebe the Fig tree and Spike the Snake plant. Sorry succulents, I never even thought to name you!

Here’s a photo of my pretty plant babes.


Also, if you want some Pinterest help on what indoor plants are easy to take care of, here you go!

Wish me luck!

XXO, Sierra

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